Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Eclipse WebDev Blog

Today Mike Milinkovich introduced the Eclipse Orion project, something I've been involved in planning while an internal project at IBM and care deeply about. Orion is not our first foray into this space as the platform team experimented a bit more than two years ago first with our own work (demo'ed at Eclipsecon 2008) and then later integrating with what was at the time Mozilla Bespin (now Skywriter).

As a developer I find myself spending an ever increasing amount of time in the browser, developing, testing, and exploring what's possible. The web is not one mega site and what we're envisioning for Orion follows from that. With Orion our emphasis is not on massive in-page integration and instead are looking at what it means to integrate by linking and creating developer tooling that re-uses existing functionality already out there on the Web.

At Eclipse I've been active in web developer tools, server runtimes, and web component integration for some time now. In addition to new work at Orion I know from first-hand experience that there is a hugely valuable body of interesting work going on in the web development space at Eclipse and lots to talk about. This blog is my attempt to in particular shed light on those tools at Eclipse related to web development and detail some of the challenges and ideas generated from the community.

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